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Fresh Clear’s standard UK inbound customs clearance
service is available from just £35 per transaction.

Our services are built around the needs of our clients with expertise in the management of customs clearance for cargo travelling by sea or road (RoRo), plus the onward delivery of containers and breakbulk goods within the UK.


We’re here to ensure that your shipments move through UK ports as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our team are happy to discuss our services with you, these includes arranging deliveries from port, optional use of our deferment account to pay customs duties, and free vessel & container status updates.


Prior to commencing any new business, our team will evaluate your specific requirements for imports and / or exports. We’ll then explain the formalities, timeframes involved, and documentation required e.g. commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading / CMR, customs declaration form and preference certificates (EUR1, AIS / PPECB). The objective of the onboarding process is to help you to plan effectively and minimise risks associated with port delays. If you are importing via deep-sea ports our customer care team will work collaboratively with you to plan your cargo collection and distribution.


We have market-leading expertise in moving FMCG perishable goods so understand completely the need for efficiency and speed in customs clearance. Fresh Clear also manages significant volumes of plant health (PEACH – migrating to IPAFFS in due course) notifications each day, providing a cost-effective solution to our clients. Organic-certified goods have additional requirements with information needed by Port Health, this includes a certificate of inspection (COI), our team can also manage these formalities.

Beyond fresh produce, we carry out customs entries for products of animal origin (POAO), bonded, controlled & regulated items, and those that are subject to quotas. Fresh Clear can help you understand your duty and VAT liabilities and can make payments to HMRC on your behalf.


It’s common for inspections to be required at British ports, potentially from the UK Border Agency, Port Health, APHA or HMI. This can delay the clearance of your cargo, however prompt and accurate data entry by our experienced team will prevent unnecessary hold ups. The procedures in place at Fresh Clear means that we will notify you if your goods are flagged for inspection, we can make changes to your deliveries, and keep you up to date on the status of your cargo. Our objective is to always minimise the impact of a delay through effective communication and planning.


In practice, this means that very costly demurrage charges are mitigated or avoided altogether.


Transport provision through RHA registered hauliers ensures efficient handling of your goods with every step of the process managed by one of our in-house logistics team. Fresh Clear’s trusted network of partners ensures our supply chain solutions are co-ordinated and efficient. Cost savings and service improvement can be significant with many of our clients opting to use our comprehensive managed solutions.