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Auditing service

Companies must demonstrate compliance with customs legislation and should always be prepared for HMRC to audit them. To support this, comprehensive records need to be maintained, ensuring businesses can evidence the correct commodity codes, import values, quantities and licences have been used.

They must also show that preference claims are supported with appropriate documentation, and that their duty & VAT liabilities have been fulfilled.

Our auditing service delivers vital compliance insights about your business, helping you to mitigate the risk of experiencing financial and / or reputational damage associated with serious non-compliances, such as the underpayment of customs duties & VAT.

How does it work?


Following preparatory work, a qualified customs professional will visit your premises to conduct a review of your customs processes, historic entries, and the supporting documentation you have retained. Based on our findings we will evaluate your level of preparedness for a HMRC audit and identify any remedial actions. All findings will be detailed in a confidential report which will be produced after our site visit, the report will include a list of practical recommendations and details of any opportunities to recover overpaid duty.

Something to consider


Conducting an audit is a valuable exercise, but we recommend scheduling them periodically, enabling businesses to assess their progress on earlier recommendations, and allowing for the identification of non-conformances that may have occurred in the interim period.

Customs consultancy

Have you heard of SCDP (Simplified Customs Declaration Processes) and wondered about the cost savings these facilitations could deliver? Are you thinking about applying for a bonded warehouse authorisation, or perhaps you want to operate an ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility)?

Our customs consultancy enables cost effective access to the knowledge and skills of our trained professionals, we can work alongside in-house teams, supporting you with applications, or we can fully manage projects on your behalf. We also offer tailored training sessions for your teams on topics such as Incoterms, which are often widely misused & misunderstood.


Our consultants are typically appointed for bespoke projects, once the work has been completed, we usually hand over the day-to-day management of authorisations to your team. However, we are willing and available to agree longer term support packages should these be of interest. 


Please get in touch via our Contact us page, or by emailing with an outline of your requirements. We will get back to you to arrange an introductory call / meeting to discuss your project in more detail.

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