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Fresh Clear Customs & Freight was created in 2018 to facilitate the import and export of FMCG food and fresh produce, we subsequently extended our scope to include commercial plants, fruit trees, and non-perishable goods. 

In 2021, Brexit provided us with the opportunity to work with a wider range of customers, many of them importing or exporting for the first time.
We have grown significantly since then, consistently delivering great customer service, trusted insights, and value for money. Always approachable, we’re here to help your business navigate often complex regulatory requirements. 

Our clients depend on us to manage their customs declarations with efficiency and accuracy, often utilising our value-add services to reduce in-house costs. One example of this is that we regularly arrange deliveries of shipping containers from UK ports to inland destinations, leveraging volumes to secure favourable rates and competitive advantage.

We also provide export services beyond simply submitting declarations, for example, our transit authorisation allows customers to suspend duty on goods travelling to countries beyond the first port of arrival in the EU.

We regularly declare goods for long term customers based in the EU, Morocco, South Africa, and South America, so if you’re a European or overseas exporter wanting to import to GB, please reach out to us and we will guide you through the options available to you. 


Flexible and responsive, Fresh Clear applies today’s technologies to ensure your declarations are processed efficiently. Recognising the importance of first-class customer service, we pride ourselves on our personal approach to business.


Our Head Office is located in Paddock Wood, Kent, close to major UK ports of entry such as Dover, London Gateway, Tilbury, Portsmouth, and Southampton.

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