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The UK government have formally notified the EU that it will not be seeking to extend the transition period beyond the end of the year. This definitive decision means that customs declarations will be required for all EU goods entering the UK from the 1 January 2021, irrespective of the outcome of ongoing trade negotiations. It has also been announced that a three-stage implementation of border controls will be put in place to manage the switch to a new way of working. This practical solution is a welcome development and should keep supply chains moving.


In 2019 EU trade accounted for 49% of UK imports and 43% of exports making it the UK’s largest trading partner, as such many British businesses will find themselves needing to make customs declarations for the first time in 2021 with approximately 50,000 new customs agents being required to manage this extra demand.


The team at Fresh Clear Customs and Freight actively engage with industry bodies to keep up to speed with all developments and our agents are getting the latest training from the Institute of Export and International Trade. We have modelled the impact for our customers and ensured that we’re ready to respond to the ‘new normal’ in 2021. Our clients are kept fully briefed and are confident we are helping to prepare their businesses for the changes. Our advice has helped build resilience into supply chains and provide an additional layer of confidence for our clients and their end customers.

Unsure what Brexit really

means for you? 

Our team are all trained and familiar with likely new procedures, we can advise about the different scenarios and their impacts. Being prepared is always good advice, and we’re always happy to talk.

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