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In 2019 EU trade accounted for 49% of UK imports and 43% of exports making it the UK’s largest trading partner. As a result of changes brought on by Brexit, many British businesses need to make customs declarations for the first time in 2021. Since January we have helped our clients to navigate the “new normal” - along the way we have expanded our team and our range of services. Making sure we provide fit for purpose solutions and first-rate customer service.

EIDR / CFSP (deferred / delayed declarations)


If your business chose to delay making import declarations on non-controlled goods that you’ve imported from the EU during 2021, or if you weren’t aware declarations are required for all EU imports made in 2021, then time may be running out for you to meet your obligations to HMRC. These declarations must be made within 175 days of the goods entering GB - if they aren’t then there is a risk of fines and HMRC taking away the option of delaying future declarations.


Fresh Clear are authorised to make these supplementary declarations (EIDR / CFSP) as a customs intermediary, so we can help you clear your backlog of deferred / delayed declarations before you exceed the 175-day deadline set out by HMRC. 



On 1 January 2022 IPAFFS pre-notification requirements will be extended to all regulated plants and plant products imported from the EU. Pre-notifications will also be required for EU products of animal origin (POAO), low risk animal by-products (ABP) and high-risk food & feed not of animal origin (HRFNAO). 


From the 1 July 2022, importers must provide a Phytosanitary Certificate (PC) and / or Export Health Certificate (EHC) to support their IPAFFS pre-notification. Physical inspections at BCP’s will also commence on this date.


Our team of trained professionals can complete your
pre-notifications for you, providing an efficient and
cost-effective service. We will ensure you remain compliant, and your notifications are submitted on time.

Exports / Transit

The EU implemented full border controls for exports from GB at the beginning of 2021, this means export declarations have been required since January 2021. There is also additional complexity surrounding goods travelling beyond the first country of arrival, if you are planning to export to any such country you are likely to need a transit document (T1). This document allows goods to travel beyond the first border with the EU under customs control, so they can ultimately be declared in the destination country. We are authorised to submit transit declarations for our clients, enabling your goods to make their way via the network of transit offices to their intended recipient.
When you export, it’s also important to secure any documentation or licences that are required by your consignee, for example phytosanitary certificates for fresh produce.


For more information and pricing on deferred declarations (EIDR/ CFSP), IPAFFS or Exports / Transit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements.

Unsure what Brexit really means for you? 

Our team are trained and familiar with new procedures, so can provide informal advice about different scenarios and their impacts - we’re always happy to talk.