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Under 100 days. Tick, tock...

Things are changing as a result of Brexit and there are now fewer than 100 days until border controls with the EU come into play.

Even if a trade agreement is reached with the EU it is 100% confirmed that there will be customs processes required to get goods in and out of the UK. Anyone who isn’t prepared for this risks unnecessary disruption to their operation.

The cumulative impact from businesses failing to prepare could be catastrophic with routes in and out of the country impacted by huge delays. What’s really worrying for us is that so many companies still aren’t ready for change.

It’s also looking increasingly like the fears about a shortage of qualified customs agents are fears with good foundation. We’re seeing a significant increase in enquiries about our service from companies seeking to secure a customs clearance partner and we’re welcoming new clients each week. It’s great for our business, of course, but we’re genuinely worried for those who aren’t yet partnered with a clearing agent and time is running out.

Michael Gove MP wrote to colleagues in the industry this week with a stark warning.

He stated that “The biggest potential cause of disruption are traders not being ready…if traders, both in the UK and EU have not complete the right paperwork, their goods will be stopped…and disruption will occur. It is essential that traders act now and get ready for new formalities.”

We’re working hard with our trade associations like the Fresh Produce Consortium and the Road Haulage Association to urge government to release more detail around new processes, and we’re ready to manage any change on behalf of our clients. For anyone not aligned with a customs clearing agent already, please take our friendly advice to heart and start talking before it’s too late!